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project finance up to 100%

Any large investment in a new asset is a worry. Is it any wonder then that we experience such reticence to commit to the deal?
We can help our customer remove the upfront cost. Their cashflow is preserved, and instead of writing a large cheque they get to pay for the new system as they use it; as they realise the increased efficiencies and operational benefits. After all, very few of us buy our houses outright; we either pay a mortgage or rent whilst we use the property. USE NOW, PAY LATER !!

Our project delivery mechanism

Design thinking - a way to innovate

Design Thinking is our unique approach to finding solutions. When the same team meets in the same place and follows the same process, the chances are they will get the same result. Look at how we take people, process, & place to find real solutions to real problems!   

We have network of business partners in different English and non-English speaking countries. We deploy local consultant from our partner into our dual shore based projects, where core delivery team operates from offshore.

Customer can profit from highly skilled software professionals on niche technologies from offshore on affordable price tag and at the same time have the comfort of dealing with a local person, in his own surroundings at their doorstep in their own native languages.

This mechanism minimizes the languages, cultural gap between customer's project team and MINDVERSE's project team. 

The approach allow us to deliver locally while operating globally.

We are GLOCAL.

Regardless of your company size or industry – We can help you buy, build, implement, service, support and run the SAP Business Intelligence Solutions, SAP Enterprise Mobility or SAP IoT that best fits your unique needs. We are your trusted business partner to work with today for your requirements.

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We are DIPP Registered Startup, Recognized by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of INDIA